ehsA fire causes great environmental damage, mainly in the form of air pollution. The impact can be so great that several areas need to be evacuated.

Our motto is "fire safe is environmentally safe"! By improving fire safety in the construction world, we have a positive influence on the environment and health.

Quality can be found in the performance of our service and products, but quality has also another dimension: environmental safety and health. More and more, the notion is clear that we should treasure our planet for our children and grandchildren. The harsh lessons of the recent past have taught us that we cannot continue to pollute and ignore people's health without paying a high price for it. Therefore, Promat works continuously towards sustainable growth by: 

  • creating a safe working environment for all its employees 
  • controlling and minimising possible negative impacts on the environment 
  • including EHS concerns in the development of its products and systems 
  • improving continuously its EHS performance 
  • fostering an open dialoge with its stakeholders based on facts & figures 
  • using EHS due diligence as standard practice for mergers & acquisitions, investments & divestments 
  • applying the EHS policy to all Promat entities