Promat International Research & Development has laboratories and a coordination centre in Belgium at the headquarters of Promat International NV (with subsidiaries in Scotland and Austria for more specific activities) and secures a strong cooperation between Marketing and Operations, a high involvement in the decision making process and the definition and application of the Promat strategy. 

Promat Fire Laboratory (part of the Research & Technology Centre) investigates on partitions, ceilings, ducts, metal structures as well as tunnel structures protected against fire in extreme conditions and many other systems on real scale, in view to propose to the markets safer and most competitive solutions. 

A highly qualified, multiple skill team develops new products, the evolution of existing products and improving the quality of products manufactured in different factories around the world for the leadership in Fire Protection and Thermal Insulation markets. Products engineered and designed for Fire Protection and Thermal Insulation are industrialized together with production engineers on best technologies for the highest competitive price/performance ratio. 

Well-equipped laboratories allow not only materials development work, properties evaluation and behaviour investigations of products in fire as well as high temperature applications simulated conditions, but also investigations on products in given systems for fire protection. 

A specific approach in product development was introduced since end '70s: mineral engineering, the concept of controlling (during the manufacturing processes) the crystal growth of selected mineral phases that are used to build textures by matrix engineering for high performance products. 

Promat's approach in respect to mineral matrix engineering : 

  • Mineral: selected mineral phases are synthesized by controlled crystal nucleation and crystal growth. 
  • Mineral Engineering technology Matrix: controlled assemblages of engineered mineral phases to realize products with designed physical and chemical performances targeting a given application - Matrix Engineering technology.