Electrical Cable Enclosures

For reasons of compartmentation, practicality and convenience, electrical cables and pipes for other essential building services are frequently installed in corridors and then sub distributed to adjoining rooms and compartments. Corridors also serve as access and escape routes in the event of fire. Cable installations are therefore exposed to special risks and are worthy of particular concern. Electrical short circuits are still a major cause of fire, and smoke and toxic gases often accumulate in access and escape routes, further endangering both building occupants and emergency personnel.

Two tested and proven solutions are best for effective fire protection:

  • PROMATECT® cable enclosures for exposure to fire from the inside: PROMATECT® cable ducts inhibit and prevent fire and heat from spreading outside duct to other compartments, such as corridor escape routes, which remain usable for a certain period of required time.
  • PROMATECT® cable enclosures for exposure to fire from the outside: PROMATECT® cable ducts are designed to sustain the functionality of cable installations and also protect surrounding areas. Certain services, such as electricity for example, are required to sustain emergency/exit lightning in some critical areas.

Other systems include:

  • sprinkler systems
  • fire alarm systems
  • fire & emergency services lifts
  • emergency lighting
  • smoke and heat extraction systems
  • emergency power systems