Partition walls & other fire protection wall structures

For fire protection function fire walls, partition walls, corridor dividing walls, stairway walls and external walls are important. All of these different types of walls must stop the penetration of flames and smoke to prevent the fire from spreading. Besides space-enclosing functions, walls have other structural functions – load-bearing, reinforcement,... Those must be preserved in case of fire over a defined period of time.

Partition walls

PROMATECT® partition walls can be specified as load-bearing and non-load-bearing structures. Depending on requirements, partition walls can be erected in one or two layers. Mineral wool insulation can be used to fill the hollow wall spaces, thereby meeting the requirements of fire performance, thermal insulation and soundproofing.

Fire walls

Promat has developed special dry construction load-bearing fire wall techniques for the purpose of subdividing larger buildings and creating effective fire compartments, particularly useful in industrial building applications. Promat fire walls achieve excellent soundproofing and acoustic values nowadays demanded in many high rise building applications. Those values are achieved a result of combining PROMATECT® fire protection boards and non-combustible insulating layers.