Download our new catalogue on Fire protection of steel structures

Structural steel

Promat SEE is proud to publish its first English version of the Fire protection of load-bearing steel structures handbook. We have focused on the main needs and wishes of our partners and clients. You will find a completely redone theoretical part, which offers a clear and precise insight and explanations of our fire protective solutions for structural steel - products, materials, regulations, standards,... To help even further, some examples were included. Construction sheets were also updated and are up to the latest and widely used grading reports, accompanied by a brief but precise description, useful for immediate understanding of the products and accessories to buy. The manual can be downloaded here, look also for other related technical materials.

To do this you will have to leave some contact information and then send the document via email to yourself or others. We are sure we have done a major step forward with the new manual. You can help us to make it even better by sending your feedback to our marketing department email -

Promat SEE Team