Intumescent fire protective coating

PROMADUR® is a single pack water-borne, solvent free transparent intumescent coating for fire protection of timber structures.

PROMADUR® is the latest generation of fire resistant reactive paint to achieve fire ratings on wood and structural timber elements. Thanks to its extremely good transparency, the natural surface of the wooden materials remains visible, keeping the esthetical aspect of the natural timber.

In case of fire PROMADUR® expands creating a protective insulating foam which protects the substrate from contact with air (oxygen), decreasing the combustibility, and slow down the transfer of energy (heat) from the fire to the timber elements, increasing the fire resistance.

PROMADUR® is designed for indoor use. Top coating is not necessary in normal conditions. The application of PROMADUR® Top Coat is recommended to increase resistance to humidity and mechanical performances (including abrasion resistance).

PROMADUR® is eco-friendly, due to low VOC contents and free from formaldehyde in the formulation.

Fields of application

  • Fire resistance of loadbearing timber elements (columns, beams, floors and walls) can be increased by applying one coat of PROMADUR®. Fire resistance of protected elements depends on the section, shape, different types of wood timber (solid timber, sawn, planed or in pole form, glued laminated timber or wood -based structural products, wood-based panels jointed together with adhesives or mechanical fasteners) and the quantity and quality of the protective coating applied. Depending on the above factors, PROMADUR® increases the fire rating of timber elements up to extremely high fire resistance classes (R 120 or even more).
  • PROMADUR® can be used also to decrease the combustibility of timber surfaces. Timber protected with 300 g/m2 PROMADUR® is classified up to B-s1, d0 according to EN 13501-1, which is the best possible performance for combustible materials.
  • PROMADUR® can be applied to a wide range of buildings, such as hotels, restaurants, schools, public buildings, museums, libraries, offices and private houses.


  • Extremely good transparency
  • Long durability
  • Doesn't turn yellow over time