Fire stopping collar

PROMASTOP®-FC3/FC6 is a fire stopping collar for plastic pipes made from powder-coated stainless steel, featuring on a special intumescent inlay as insulating layers. Due to the highly effective the intumescent inlay layers the pipe penetrations can be installed according to the following charts.

Fields of application

    PROMASTOP®-FC3/FC6 fire stopping collars are tested for walls and floors in both surface-mounted and built-in conditions. They are suitable for all common plastic piping materials such as PVC, PP, PE, ABS, as well as for pressure pipes.
  • PROMASTOP®-FC3/FC6: Installation depth of 30 mm for straight penetrations
  • PROMASTOP®-FC3/FC6: Installation depth of 60 mm for couplings, angled penetrations and pipe diameter from 160 mm


  • Ready to install collar, so assembly is quick and easy
  • Zero distance between collars possible
  • Use category type Y1
  • Collar depth: 30 and 60mm