Fire stopping collar

PROMASTOP®-U is a unique method of protecting plastic pipes which pass through fire rated walls and floors. PROMASTOP®-U  is a fire protection sleeve band (steel) with intumescent material, which can be snipped in segments of 15 mm, consequently cut according to the required length depending on the pipe outside diameter. The system is supplied in continuous strip form which is cut to length and attached to the element using ready-made clips. These clips fit into the prepunched slots on the strip. The intumescent activating layer is already attached to the metal band and requires no additional fixing. This whole patented system is packaged in single-ordered box for convenience and lower inventory cost.

Fields of application

PROMASTOP®-U is designed for use with plastic pipes to seal pipe penetrations against the spread of smoke and fire in walls and floors.


  • Unique patented cut-to-length strip
  • Components included: strip, brackets, fixings
  • “One size fits all” concept
  • Tested with many types of plastic
  • Strip moulded with intumescent
  • Lower stock inventory cost