Calcium silicate fire protective board

Silicate fire protective construction board with cement binder (of small density), resistant to moisture, of stable dimensions, of large format and self-supporting. It is produced with quality assurance according to the standard ISO 9001.

PROMATECT®-AD is a lightweight mineral matrix engineered board which is off-white/beige in colour and has a smooth sanded surface on one face with a lightly honeycombed texture on the reverse face.

PROMATECT®-AD is chemically inert and is resistant to diluted acids and alkalis. Boards should be protected where high chemical concentrations are likely to occur.

Fields of application

Execution of self-supporting ventilation channels, smoke and heat extract ducts, cladding of ventilation channels made of steel sheet. PROMATECT®-AD has the following intended uses (according to EAD 350142-00-1106): internal use (type Z2) and internal use in high humidity conditions (type Z1).


  • Resistant to the effects of moisture.
  • Not physically deteriorate when used in damp or humid conditions.
  • Performance characteristics are not degraded by age or moisture.