Fire protective construction board

PROMATECT®-XS is an innovative high performing fire protective board, specifically designed for fire protection of structural steel elements such as columns and beams in either opened or hollow sections, when high fire protection performance is required. Thanks to its properties it guarantees protection of structures from R 30 up to R 300. The board is also characterised by very good mechanical properties such as impact resistance, stiffness as well as bending strength and compressive strength.

PROMATECT®-XS has got a square edge and does not contain dangerous compounds - it is environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Fields of application

PROMATECT®-XS board can be used both in residential and non-residential constructions (e.g. public utility buildings) as fire protection of steel structures (beams, columns). It is suitable for semi–exposed uses (type Y, Z1 and Z2 according to EAD 350142-00-1106).