Crowne Plaza Belgrade

Serbia - Belgrade
Mašinoprojekt Kopring A.D.
3.600 m²
  • Parapet for suspended aluminium facade
  • Fire protection of steel constructions
  • Electrical cable enclosures
  • Fire protection of combustible pipe penetrations with fire collars

Serbia - Belgrade

Crowne Plaza Belgrade is a 4-star hotel, located in the New Belgrade business center. It is the biggest hotel in Belgrade with 387 rooms, 29 appartments, 14 conference halls, 2 restaurants, many bars, a fitness center and spa.

The building was opened in 1979 under the old name Hotel Belgrade Intercontinental, as part of the world famous Intercontinental chain. Stojan Maksimović, a Serbian architect, was the designer. The hotel operated under that name until 2006. In 2012 it was renamed to Crowne Plaza. Due to the planned reconstruction the hotel was temporarily closed in July 2012 and the work began in September that same year. The total value of the project, which included the renovation of the interior and the replacement of glass panels on the facade of the hotel was estimated at 30 million €.

During the reconstruction Promat materials were also used. In order to protect the facility against the spread of fire on the facade,  a fire parapet for suspended aluminum facade was installed. The construction had been previously tested by the Central laboratory for testing materials of the IMS Institute, where fire resistance up to 120 minutes was achieved. The basis of the system consisted of the fire protective calcium silicate board, PROMATECT®-200, 20 mm thick. In total, approx. 3600 m2 of the mentioned material were built in. The same solution was later used in many other hotel facilities around Serbia. In addition, approximately 3000 kg of intumescent coating PROMAPAINT®-SC1 was used for fire protection of the roof’s steel structure. Electrical installations were enclosed using PROMATECT®-L500 fire protection boards. Combustible pipe penetrations between fire compartments were protected with PROMASTOP®-U fire collars. For further technical details of the project, please contact the local Promat representative.

The hotel was re-opened at a ceremony on 28 January 2014.