Furniture Center Lesnina

Slovenia - Koper
approx. 30 m²

  • Frameless fire glazed structure

Slovenia - Koper

One of the biggest furniture dealers and brands in the region, Lesnina was established in 1949 as LES and renamed to Lesnina in 1956. The next 54 years were successful and also turbulent, the uncertain future was stabilized in 2010, when XXXLutz, world's second biggest commercial and furniture group, acquired the struggling company.

Being one of 12 major furniture centres in Slovenia, the building in Koper was reconstructed in 2012. During reconstruction, a need for the divison of the building to two fire sectors arose. That created a problem of lacking transparency of the exhibition and sales space. Promat experts found a perfect solution by using fire glazing without profiles, thus preserving the view of the entire floor. Promat®-SYSTEMGLAS F1 60 was applied, providing a reliable and effective system for optimal fire protection in conjunction with light permeability and transparency.