Ljubljana Gymnastics center

Slovenia - Ljubljana
Tjaša Vrečko, Danilo Rakoša and Igor Vintar
2600 m²
  • Fire protection of structural steel elements
  • Fire sealing

Slovenia - Ljubljana

Promat played a big part in providing fire protection of steel structures and fire sealing of  prefabricated facade in the new Ljubljana Gymnastics Center.

The value of the investment was 11.777.528,00€ and was co-financed by the EU, Republic of Slovenia and the City of Ljubljana. The construction work began in January 2015 and was finished in November 2015, the opening ceremony took place on 27th November 2015.

This state of the art facility enables progress and development of all sporting activities under the wing of Slovenian Gymnastics Federation and also gives the possibility of a permanent access to equipment and organization of domestic and international sporting events.

The construction is a steel one, with columns, load-bearing elements and a steel ceiling (roof). Ground plan dimensions of the object are 44,2 x 66 m. The central part is a sports hall with different heights – from 9,4 to 16 meters. Wrapping of the hall consists of steel columns with light facade elements. Between axes, the steel skeleton frame is connected with walls in 3 floors, with stands in 2 floors. Ceiling is made of steel. Main load-bearing elements are truss steel beams 43,20 m in width.  Raster between transverse elements is 6 m. Axis height of the truss is 3,5 m in the middle and 1,5 meters on the sides. HEB 320 profiles were used for the upper leader, HEB 180 for the lower leader, SHS box 120/120/8 mm profiles were used for the vertical and 100/100/10 mm profiles for the diagonal reinforcement.

Since the demanded fire resistance was R 30, Promat decided to use PROMAPAINT®-SC4, an intumescent paint especially formulated for fire protection of steel structures. Approximately 2600 m2 of steel construction elements were coated. Passage between stories between horizontal boards and prefabricated facade was treated with PROMASEAL®-PL fire protective joint element and PROMASEAL®-A Spray fire stopping coating. PROMATECT®-100 calcium silicate boards were used for additional protection.