Gallery Nedbalka

Slovakia - Bratislava
Jarmila Kusa
approx. 28 m²

Horizontal glazing in a 6 m circle

Slovakia - Bratislava

Nedbalka is a private gallery in the center of Bratislava. A private collector of the paintings reconstructed the historical building to exhibit the fine art. To fulfill the purposes of a gallery, the building had to be totally reconstructed.

Pieces of fine art are exhibited on five floors in the rear part of the building without windows. There is a large round opening in the roof and in all ceilings for penetration of daylight. The ground floor of the exhibition area creates a separate fire section. In order to maintain lighting of the space, the ceiling is glazes by fire glass. Architecturally exclusive place required an attractive solution. A circle with diameter of 6 m was divided into 9 parts. There is a smaller circle in the middle and there are 8 regular segments around it.

Load-bearing steel structure is protected by lining made of PROMATECT®-H calcium silicate boards. These boards were cemented and grinded to copy the round shape of the structure. Fire glass PROMAGLAS® 30 was embedded into the load-bearing structure, providing fire resistance of EI 30. Each glass was cut to form round shape in compliance with CAD drawings and it was covered by a pattern - 5 mm wide strips. The upper part of the load-bearing structure was covered by a safety glass with the same pattern.