Piran Town Gallery

Slovenia - Piran
Boris Podrecca
approx. 12 m²

  • Frameless fire-rated glass partition 

Slovenia - Piran

Piran Town galley is one of the most important showrooms in the Slovenian coastal region. It holds a significant position in domestic and European artistic circles in presenting modern art, as many local and world-famous artists have displayed their work in the small gallery. International meetings of architects are also held here and the award called Piranesi is given to the best projects. But events of the year have to be the great Piran Ex-Tempore for painters and Ex-tempo keramike, which attract more than five hundred artists from Central Europe.

During the face-lift, the gallery has requested the impression of greater space. To achieve this goal a staircase as a separate fire compartment was designed. This creates a feeling that the staircase is transparently embedded in the gallery space, making the whole place appear much bigger. Promat®-SYSTEMGLAS 30 was used for the frameless fire-rated glass partition of the stairs section, ensuring excellent fire protection, transparency and translucency.